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To Be Known

How Are You Known?
One of the biggest sellers to kids and adults these days is to be famous. For everyone to know who we are and what are name is. To somehow put an impact on the world whether it be from inventing something awesome or being an actor(actress), rockstar, or singing. We all have some sort of talent, though not all of us can play an instrument better than most or sing like an angel, making this dream far fetched for most of us. In fact, I would imagine a lot of us feel like the turtle in the above picture. He isn't real easy to pick out of the bog. Between the stick and lillypads he kind of just blends in. I took this picture while on a walk through our local nature center and we spotted a few turtles, but we had to look pretty hard to notice them. If we would've just booked it through the trail without paying close attention we would have missed them altogether. 
So how do we get noticed? How do our names fit into this world so people know who we are? Isn't t…

Exploring the City

Family and Adventure
I had such a blast this past week and am so exhausted from all our adventures! My parents and nephew drove up from Michigan on Friday of last week and my brother and sister-in-law flew in from Arizona on Saturday afternoon. It was a tiring week but so worth it. I love my family. 

First order of business! Letting the two cousins have some pool fun!!! They had such a blast in the pool! 

Second order! Choo Choo Bob's in St Paul! One of our favorite stores in the city for kids! Train sets everyone can play with as well as story times and you can even have your child's birthday party there!

Then it was picnic time on Colby Lake! Frisbee and food! Playtime and sunshine. So wonderful to have family with us!

Then I was lucky enough to have my family watch my brother and Lawrence and I run the 4 Miles for Hunger in Burnsville. It was so great to see dad at the end and him cheering us through the finish. Lawrence and I both placed second in our age groups too! Sad t…