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A Cleaner Way to Clean - with Annie's Pure and Simple

You've probably seen my post(s) about green living so it really is no surprise that I am showcasing another great product. This one is an All-Natural, All-Purpose Cleaner with simple, READABLE ingredients. 
Let me introduce you to Annie's Pure and Simple

Made with 3 simple ingredients, Annie's Pure and Simpleoffers an affordable and safe household cleaner in four different scents: Sweet Orange, Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon. What are the ingredients you ask? Here you go:
Organic VinegarDistilled WaterTherapeutic Essential Oils

It is 100% Naturaland 98% Organic - so you can be sure that this cleaner is safe for your pets, kids, the environment, and very importantly, yourself. Not only that, the ingredients are ethically sourced and the ONLY cleaner on the market with a green eco-scale rating from Whole Foods Market. 
Annie herself reached out to me and wanted me to try her wonderful product and of COURSE I had too. I've been following Annie's Pure and Simpleon soc…

SLOW FASHION made fast

I have been in love with knitting and I love creating things for my family and home. Leisure Arts, Inc. has some of my favorite knitting books with easy to read instructions and simple patterns for even beginners.

The most recent book I've utilized is SLOW FASHION made fast. I was able to knit a blanket within 2 weeks out of this book! It was extremely easy to make and SO SOFT! I found a wool blend yarn, just in time for fall and winter weather. The pattern was easy to follow - the only thing I omitted was the tassels because they annoy my husband.

This pattern is found on  page 32 of the book and is called the Garter Pyramid Blanket. I had to use a slightly smaller needle (it asks for size 19 and I could only find size 17 at my local store). It still turned out very close to the size (40"x44"). I really love the Moss Cocoon Cardigan on page 24 and want to attempt that next. This book is perfect for this time of year!!!

Every Leisure Arts, Inc. book I've received ha…

Best of Knit Accessories by Leisure Arts

It's that time of year again! I LOVE knitting, and thanks to Leisure Arts, Inc. I can easily do so. I taught myself to knit while I was pregnant with our middle child. I needed something to do with my hands to pass the time and I've always enjoyed sewing and creating things. Knitting is the perfect thing to pass time and can easily be interrupted and picked back up again. With little kids, this is necessary for projects I take on!

The newest book I've received from Leisure Arts, Inc. is their Best of Knit Accessories, with 40 quick projects that include mittens, scarves, headbands, and even handbags. (+more!!) I wanted something quick and something I don't have yet so I decided to create the Lacy Headwrap on page 56 of the book. It took me less than two days to make and is super cute!

My favorite part about this book is the General Instructions starting on page 120. It tells you about the abbreviations used in the book, symbols & terms, and all the different techni…

The Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids NIrV

The Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids NIrV is a beautifully put together children's Bible. The need for more kids Bible's - Bible's that children can easily understand - is immense. My husband and I work in children's ministry at our church and you would be shocked at how many kid's don't have a proper Bible. They either have Bible's that are way to babyish or adult one's that are way over their heads. This creates a barrier between them and the Word of God. How do we expect to raise up another generation of those who love and follow Jesus like we are trying to teach them? How will they follow Psalm 119:11:
"Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You."The following scripture is one of my favorites regarding Jesus and children. You will probably recognize it.

13 "Then some children were brought to Him so that He might lay His hands on them and pray; and the disciples rebuked them. 14 But Jesus said, “[a]Let the chil…

The Cow Said Neigh by Rory Feek

The Cow Said Neigh by Rory Feek is a delightful short story perfect for kids ages 4-8, but a silly read the whole family can get in on. It is beautifully illustrated by Bruno Robert, with bold colors and soft edges that little kids will fall in love with.

I personally love the ease of reading due to the rhyming on each page. It ties the short story together in a cute and fun way, and makes it easy for early readers to guess and/or read the next rhyming word.

My only negative about this book, is that the description says it celebrates all the unique qualities, but that never comes out in the book. The animals just want to be like another instead of themselves and even the farmer in the end is silly about it. It is a good conversation starter for parents on the topic though.

Overall, The Cow Said Neighis an adorable story sure to get the whole family giggling. Who doesn't love a good family book?

*I received this book to review from Book Look Bloggers. All opinions and this review ar…

White as Silence Red as Song by Alessandro D'Avenia

White as Silence, Red as Song by Alessandro D'Avenia is what I would call, the love story of a teenage boy named Leo. It is written in first person, almost as if it is a diary - which is fine by me. I used to read diary type books a lot as a young adult. It is, however, different to read from a young man's point of view. Some of it is just hum-drum regular kid stuff like soccer and hanging with his best friends, Niko and Silvia. A lot of it is his obsession with Beatrice.

The very first section explains the title of the book. Leo compares different things to colors. Silence is white - which to him is nothing because there is nothing within white, no color, no feeling. Silence to Leo throughout the book is almost an enemy, something that distresses his very soul. He then compares his love interest Beatrice to the color red, saying that love is red - it is a tempest, a hurricane "that sweeps you away"*, and an earthquake "that crumbles your body to pieces".*…

Run With Me by Sonya Richards Ross

Let me say, this book is inspiring. Reading Sanya's story was beyond amazing, and as a runner I found it extremely inspirational, though I am definitely not even close to Olympic material. 
Sanya Richards-Ross began running at the age of 7. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, she naturally wanted to be a runner. Running is huge in Jamaica just like Football or Baseball are big in America. She even says that this was her gift from God - to run. I love how each chapter begins with a Bible scripture. 
Sanya tells us her story - the journey of becoming a U.S. Olympic Champion. With the support of her family, Sanya goes on to become a record breaker - a U.S. and World record breaker. Through it all she gives the glory to God, which is amazing for someone who has done so many great things. 
I found this book a great, easy read. It is geared toward a younger crowd, I would say pre-teen - teen. As I said, extremely easy to read, has great sets of facts throughout the chapters. For example, on pag…