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Dodgers by Bill Beverly

I love reading books that captivate. One's that are so well written I cannot put them down until I finish it. Dodgers by Bill Beverly does just that.

The story begins in LA, the main character named East. A young teenage boy who has gotten mixed up in a gang. In fact, that is all he has known in his life. He doesn't have a father and the brother he does have has been living on the streets for a few years now as well. His mother is not active in his life and yet East still maintains honesty and some sort of dignity being a watchmen for a drug house.

This novel takes us from LA all the way to Ohio as East, his brother and two other men are sent on a mission by their leader. The road trip itself is full of surprises and though there is some violence in this book, it is far from graphic and a very enjoyable read.

During the whole story I found myself rooting for the well being of East. He is a good hearted kid, full of empathy and naturally a watchmen of all people. His character…

Timi & Leslie Giveaway!

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Learn How to Knit with Leisure Arts

I have never known how to knit, so when I had this opportunity, I took it immediately. Loom knitting is extremely easy. It took me a bit to figure out the directions but once I did, this is one of the most relaxing crafts I have been able to do on my own!
Leisure Arts includes a Beginners Guide for Oval Loom Knitting with easy to follow instructions for 7 different patterns, including knit hats, a scarf and fingerless mittens! The best part ~ you can make them yourself! 

I started at the beginning of the book, naturally, as that is the easiest project for a beginner. The hat turned out awesome and my son loves it! It even fits great which I was worried since I didn't measure at all, I just eye-balled the length.

Knowing how easy one little hat can be, I am excited to make more for the shelters in the area. Yarn is quite inexpensive and this hat took maybe a quarter of a skein of yarn.

The kit contains the Beginners Guide, a stitching tool, a small loom with 54 pegs that is 11 3/4…

The Positivity Challenge ~ Week 6

Welcome to the 6th and final week of the Positivity Challenge. If you have been following all along, I thank you for your loyalty and if you have missed any, the links are below. I hope these have made a positive impact on your thinking, your life and on those around you. True happiness needs to be worked for and it starts in your head. If you aren't content, you won't be happy and you won't be positive. So here is to a new positive beginning!

Stay Positive!
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