When Exercising Becomes Fun!

Ahhhh! The comfort! The style! The support! A lot of people I know who I work out with don't think of Victoria's Secret when it comes to sportswear. There are so many other companies that sponsor the Olympics, other sporting events and are seen on the 5K race course that are anything but Victoria's Secret. 

When we think of Victoria's Secret we think of lingerie; naturally so. They have the most fabulous undergarments and lingerie around and are my go-to for that sort of thing. Not to mention the wonderful selection of lotions, sprays and body washes! I just picked up a perfume for myself recently and their PJ's! Oh to die for! 

Anyways, this post isn't about what we all already know about VS. What about their fantabulous sports line! Have you ever checked it out!!?? If not, I dare you to do it! 

Think of this. Why couldn't the company that makes the most comfortable and reliable bra in the universe also make the most comfortable and stylish sports bra? Well good news for all of us, they do! 

I was lucky enough to try the pink one in the above picture for free thanks to Influenster for testing purposes! It is part of the Incredible by Victoria's Secret Sports Bra line. Along with the fab capri workout pants pictured! I bought the other bra on my own because I loved the colors and its an underwire underneath. That one is the Knockout by Victoria's Secret Front-Close bra. SO comfy too and provides support and offers good looks to the sports world! 

My old sports bra was something lacking, let me tell you. It flattened my already small chest and was incredibly uncomfortable. I seriously looked like a dude running. So I guess you could say it supported me but not in a very comfortable way at all! And it was so plain jane looking. Just a pullover your head type that I couldn't wait to rip off after my run. So buh-bye unsupportive work-out friend, it is time for a #SportsBraBreakup. You aren't supportive enough, are not comfortable to be around or in, and just are much to plain.

Knockout by VS with front-close

Now the difference is this!! The support ALL around, and the style! I wouldn't mind this showing out from under my tank while running! Heck no! And if I had a good enough body, I would just wear this and my pants! With this one, I went in-store and got a fitting! I was so happy they didn't have to order my size like they did for my mom, because I wanted to wear it that night for a run!

First run ever in the Incredible by VS bra. 4 Miles 4 Hunger with my brother (left) & husband (right)

My first run in these bras was like a breath of fresh air. I had support, no movement from my girls and I felt extremely confident in the cool colors and looks I was running in! It's almost a shame to cover the bra's up with a shirt!

And we cannot forget about the pants! I received the Knockout by Victoria's Secret Capri. SO COMFORTABLE! I love the small invisible pocket in the back for my keys or if you have a smaller phone than my Droid Maxx it would fit in there too! Mine fits but it isn't comfortable in there.

These capri's are perfect for my distance run night at class where we just run as far as we can in an hour and 15 minutes and I really have no where else to leave my keys. I ran 6 miles last Thursday in them and the keys didn't move an inch. They are solid black, so are slimming to the body and the material is stretchy, yet they don't fall down as you start to run. They stay right where you leave them after getting dressed. They wick away sweat, so even on hot days they aren't uncomfortable to wear. I know because Sunday it was in the 80's and my husband and I went on a run and they were perfectly awesome to wear!

Thank you to Influenster for allowing me to test these terrific products. They have already replaced my old sportswear and I plan to buy more in the future! Because after this experience, how could I not?

See you on the trail!

*This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.


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