Bible Gateway ~ The Bible At Your Fingertips

With technology advances it seems more and more convenient to have the Bible where ever you are at whatever time you need it. Most of us carry a phone, tablet or laptop with us so having access to the Bible on one of those devices just seems appropriate and convenient. And in America we are SO blessed to be able to worship freely giving us this freedom. 

Bible Gateway ( is a wonderful website that contains over 200 versions of the Bible in more than 70 languages. The convenience of this not only includes your preference of version or language but also the ability to compare versions of different passages of scripture for a more in depth study of the Bible. 

One of my favorite things on the website is the ability to sign up for there newsletters. They have different daily devotionals, verse of the day subscription, reading plans and the list goes on. They are delivered right to your email for you to read at your own convenience throughout the day for personal inspiration through God's word. Sign up here for your own personalized experience :

Not only are they found online at but you can also download the app which is available either on iOS system, Android System and on Amazon Apps. The layout is great in my opinion and it is so easy to set up what Version of the Bible you would like. You can find the app download here:

I hope you find that Bible Gateway is a wonderful resource for reading the Bible as well as studying and for encouragement in your daily life. 

Hebrews 10:21-23New International Version (NIV)


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