Legend by Eric Blehm

Legend by Eric Blehm is the inspirational story of Green Beret Sergeant Roy Benavidez. Within the first few pages of this book, Eric captures the readers attention with the bravery and the heroic actions of this great hero. Just those few pages made me HAVE to keep reading. Thanks to Eric Blehm, Fred Barbee, The Associated Press and Brian O'Connor the story of Roy Benavidez has not been lost.

This book begins with the childhood of Roy Benavidez. His early exposure to war through the newsreels at the local theater regarding World War II struck a sense of adventure in Roy. I can totally picture how he would pretend to be one of the paratroopers he watched in the newsreels to fight the Nazi's, almost like my own son pretends to be a super hero. Those feelings of heroism don't die easily, and with Roy that proved to be more than true.

What eventually got him into the military was his hot temper. He wasn't a tall man and not big either, but strong and fit from hard work. You will have to read for yourself the incident that actually got him in on page 25, but it is quite interesting and according to the author, was a legend among Roy's buddies. At 19 years old he became Private Benavidez, just another step into his legendary life.

The other plus about Legend are the pictures. I know that may sound juvenile, but for me it is all about capturing history. Seeing the men behind the words in this book bring a personal level to it. You can almost catch a glimpse of who they are, as well as match them up to what was read in the book. I love finding the picture of someone I'm reading about. 

I don't want to go through the specifics of this book, as a review is just that, an overview of what was written and my perception of what I read. I personally feel that reading stories like this, TRUE stories, breed patriotism. One cannot read this book without feeling a sense of pride. The men and women who serve and have served this country so selflessly deserve so much more than given, but to let their stories live on is important. As soon as my son is old enough, he will be reading this book.

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