Cradle Cap and How To Deal With It

Baby Samuel has been dealing with cradle cap for a few months now and as a mom, I had gotten to my wits end with the sad looking baby dandruff. If you've never seen cradle cap, Google it. Samuel's wasn't as extreme as I've seen other babies but it was bad enough to irritate me. So I started looking up ways to make his little life easier, especially if it is itchy, though he doesn't try to itch it. I still am not sure if it is or not.

What is Cradle Cap?

Defined by Google :

a skin condition sometimes seen in babies caused by excessive production of sebum, characterized by areas of yellowish or brownish scales on the top of the head.

First, I started using Rosehip oil. I put a half dropper full on his head and massage it in.  I have heard that you can use olive oil as well or coconut oil. I have used the coconut oil but found the Rosehip oil works the best for Samuel. Then I use his comb, not brush, his comb and gently comb through his hair for a few minutes. This loosens the scales quite well and I always do this before bath time. I then wash his hair and let the shampoo sit while I wash his body. I then rinse his hair and wash it a second time. I honestly can't say why this helps, but his hair is fluffy soft and pretty much normal the next day too.

I have heard that the skin condition can move to other parts of the body, and I do notice that his legs are more dry than the rest of his skin, so I put baby lotion on him at least once a day and that helps his skin.

Either way, I hope this helps one of you moms out there defeat the scaly baby scalp they call cradle cap! Good luck mama's and if you have a remedy, feel free to post!


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