Suicide - A Silent Killer

Suicide is a touchy subject. You have those that say it occurs due to mental health issues, then there are those who are angry about it and who say it is the most selfish thing a person can do. Then there are those who spew actual hate and say that the person who commits the act is going to hell etc. etc. We've all heard it. I hope we have not all lived it.

Very recently, a couple who has impacted my life in a positive way experienced this firsthand. Their oldest son committed suicide. I do not know the extenuating circumstance. He was much younger than me, but I can tell you this. I remember when his mom was pregnant with him. I remember when he was just a toddler. I remember seeing him as a young teenager. And then this.

You don't expect these things to happen. Even if the signs are there, we brush them off, we push them aside, we say we will pray and expect the darkness to disappear - if it is even apparent to us.

The purpose of this post is to raise awareness. Do not ever think you are immune. I have been in the darkness. I have experienced the pain so deep that I have wanted to die. I have driven the pain deep down with drugs, with alcohol, with whatever I could to make it disappear - but it never did go away until I took care of the main issues.

I encourage you, don't judge the person who committed the act. If you have experienced a loved one who has taken their own life, the anger and pain you feel from their act is legitimate. If you know someone showing any signs of depression BE THERE. I encourage you to listen - to not set aside their feelings, because to them it is the ultimate darkness and you do not know if you will ever see them again. Don't take that chance.

For those who have experienced this and had no signs, or did and didn't know at the time - IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Sometimes things happen and most of the time we have no control, and in fact we cannot control another person whatsoever. The darkness is real and it can overtake a person and destroy them.

I will again say, watch your words speaking to the grieving and hope you never experience the pain of wanting to die or experience the pain of losing a loved one in this manner.

God bless.

If you or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts please reach out and get help

National Suicide Prevention Life Line Phone Number



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