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Just in time for the Holidays, I was introduced to an amazing product from Adagio Teas. They are called Fandom Blends. Now Adagio isn't just any old tea company, sending bags of crushed tea for you to add boiling water to or stuff in the microwave - far from it. Adagio Teas are gourmet teas, that are loose leaf and if you know anything about tea, you know that loose leaf tea far outdoes any sort of bagged tea you will ever taste. Even there bagged tea is gourmet, not the dust you would typically get from a box of tea at the grocer. You can find more information regarding the quality of there tea on there Product Information Page.

Let me share with you my tea time with Adagio Teas. I tried a variety of the Fandom Blends that I mentioned earlier. Now if you don't know what Fandom means, it is frankly being the fan of a person, team, fictional series, etc. The Fandom Blends are for fans of many different things including Parks and Recreation PhraseologyDoctor WhoFullmetal AlchemistStar Wars, and you get the drift. Overall, there are well over a thousand different blends created by a variety of artists for your enjoyment. I had a blast going over the different types of Fandom Blends and really think you will too.

Now onto the one's I chose to try for myself. And I can honestly say there was not one I did not like.

Knight of Darkness
The first one I tried was in homage to my son, who is a huge Batman fanatic. I mean the kid literally has his bedroom turned into the Batcave. So naturally I gravitated toward something he may enjoy. He called it his Batman Super Drink and is impatiently waiting for me to finish this so I can hand him his tin of tea. Gotta love him. The tea is called Knight of Darkness and is a part of the The Gotham Cup series. It is a black tea with blueberries (I mean REAL blueberries!), natural cream flavor, dark chocolate chips and cocoa nibs. I mean, this tea. I didn't think I would enjoy the fruity and chocolate so much, but it was so delicious. Smooth, only slightly fruity, with a hint of cocoa. I was blown away. Like I said, my 7 year old loved it even!

Another one I tried from the The Gotham Cup series was Bird of Wonders. My son and I have this ongoing thing where he is Batman and I'm Robin. I really thought it was cool I could buy us each our own tea. Bird of Wonders is a refreshing green tea, made from raspberry, vanilla and spiced green teas. Vanilla is the highlight with a hint of raspberry and light spice. I thought this one would even be good chilled so I may have to try it that way in the near future.

Another fun movie my son and I like, and I remember this movie since I was a child, is My Neighbor Totoro. When I saw these teas I had to have them! My Neighbor Totoro is from the Studio Ghibli series and is a black tea that is very fruity. It almost smells like grapes, but it contains raspberry leaves, raspberries and strawberries with a hint of rose hips.

Forest Friend is a part of the Ghibli Fandom Tea Blends collection and is a blend of white and rooibos teas, with strawberries and white pear. It is smooth with just a hint of strawberry and has the freshness of the pear.

Another one from the Ghibli Fandom Tea Blends series is The Hatter which is a black tea with hints of lavender and chestnut. It would make a delicious breakfast tea because it is slightly floral with fruity and nutty undertones. This one was one of my favorites.

Next we have two from the DisneyBlends series. Alice in Wonderland is a childhood favorite movie of mine, so naturally I gravitated to this tea. It is a Pu erh hazelberry tea with hints of marigold and hibiscus. It has rose petals and cocoa nibs for a little extra flare. I found it floral and slightly woody tasting, but quite tasty for something different. It also was a beautiful pink color from the hibiscus flowers. Quite lovely.

My all time favorite of all the teas I tried was the Pirates of the Caribbean tea blend. I mean, I was blown away. It tasted so good, I paused my tasting and made a whole cup to enjoy. It is a black tea, with gunpowder and orange peels with a little bit of cinnamon and chocolate flavoring. The ginger in it is just enough to take the tea over the top, but not being too much for the palette. This was so good. My little tin will be gone in no time!

Because I am a Pisces I had to try the Pisces which is part of the Zodiac Sampler. It is a Rooibos and black tea blend with lemongrass, cornflowers, orange and grapefruit. It was fruity and earthy and a really pretty loose leaf to look at.

The last three I tried are also part of nostalgia for me, as I have read all the books from the Lord of the Rings series including the Hobbit and have loved them since I was a child. The first one I tried was The Pint from the Tales and Tea Leaves series. It is a fabulous breakfast tea consisting of black tea, gunpowder, ginger, and natural cream flavors. The ginger is a nice hint of spice that makes it more than any other breakfast tea.

The second I tried from the Tales and Tea Leaves series was 111th Birthday. This was definitely a birthday tea! It is Oolong and black tea, with chocolate chai, chocolate chips and almond with hints of cinnamon. It is almost like a delicious desert, without the guilt. I thought the creator did a great job with this one.

And lastly, I tried the White Tea of Kings, which is also part of the Tales and Tea Leaves series. It contains Earl Grey Moonlight, Snowbud and Cream teas with orange peels, cornflowers and bergamot flavor. It is slightly fruity but a little more floral, and I deemed it fit for a King. 

To enlighten yourself on the different types of tea and how they are prepared for the enjoyment of the world, you should totally check out the Types of Tea page. There are also links to Health Benefits of tea and much more educating information on the site. Adagio Teas really knows there stuff and clearly has a passion for what they do.

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*I received the tea mentioned in the above post complimentary for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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