Are You a Potential Victim?

Security Guard Shield: Protect Your Wallet

Have you ever thought about how safe the credit cards INSIDE your wallet are? We all worry about using them at certain stores and our data being stolen because it has happened a lot recently. But what about when you aren't even using your credit card?

I have been introduced to a wonderful product that takes care of just that issue. Before this, I didn't even KNOW that credit card data could be stolen right out of your hand (or pocket) without you even touching or swiping your cards. Once I received the product, my husband even brought up the subject to co-workers. Come to find out, one of their dads had his bank information stolen off of his debit card with this technology. He walked into a gas station after pumping gas to use the bathroom; never once did he take his wallet out of his pocket. He didn't have to for this thief to get his information. There was a device somewhere in the store activated to steal information right out of people's wallets! He didn't find out until his account was drained of over $7,000!!!! How terrible would that be! After a LONG fight he did get his money back, but can you even imagine!? This story just showed me that this type of theft is right around the corner and can happen to anyone at anytime. Why not be prepared?

The type of technology used is known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) identity theft. A thief can use NFC (Near Field Communication) to scan your wallet or purse and then steal all information off your credit cards.

The solution to this problem? Security Guard Shields!! The way these Security Guard Shields work is fairly simple and extremely innovative. The aluminum shielding in these credit card shields create a barrier between the card and the outside world so radio frequency waves cannot reach your card or its information. So no matter where you go with your purse or wallet or wherever they are, no one can steal your information if your credit cards are protected with these Security Guard Shields.

Other Benefits of this product are as follows:
  • They can be custom fit to ANY wallet
  • Designed specifically for Credit Cards
  • Soft on the inside so it will not damage card
  • Metal shielding that blocks RFIDm UHF 860-960MHz and HF 13.56MHz frequencies
  • Slim, light and water-proof
  • Protects Hotel cards from discharging
I re-sized one of these for my husband's credit card and as you can see in the photo I was able to re-size it to fit into his tri-fold wallet.

My husband's tri-fold wallet
The one on the right is cut down to size

With my wallet I was able to keep them the size they came, but I found that re-inserting the card after using it in the store was kind of difficult. So when I got home I cut two slits in the top sides of the credit card shields and then used double stick tape to keep the one side down. You could also cut off the extra instead of taping it. As you can see in this picture it works just as well, but you don't have to stand in line fumbling with the shield while holding up other customers. I found this much easier to use at the store. The bottom picture is my wallet and showing how easy it is to slide the card back into its shield.

Easy Peasy

You can also cut one side off of the shield to create a sleeve for your wallet if your cards fit in horizontally instead of vertically.

If you are thinking that you need this, you are right! You can use or NOT use your cards worry free knowing they are safe from this new kind of identity theft, protect your hard earned money AND keep your privacy with one small purchase. You can't beat the price of $11.99 for 10 credit card shields. I don't know about you, but that is plenty enough for our household with some extra's to give to other family members and friends. Go order them out on right now using this link: Security Guard Shield

Don't wait another day! Protect yourself and your family from theft!


  1. Great post!! Really appreciate the information!

    1. Thanks for reading Angela! I'm glad you found it helpful!

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