Getting Crafty

So I don't have time to do crafts often and when I do them, they usually need to be quick! My time alone (or with Lawrence) at night is precious to me. I saw this craft on Facebook and thought it was a great idea for a Valentine gift for Lawrence! Here is what I did:

I took a wooden frame and took the glass out of it. You could also use a shadow box but I only wanted to use items I had at home already. I went on my computer and using Word, I created the font I wanted and printed the background on white, glossy photo paper. I took my crafting glue and glued the spoons on the paper and then put them into the picture frame and voila! Cute gift done in a jiffy.

The two spoons hanging next to it were Benjamin's gift to Lawrence for Valentine's day. He wanted my spoons but I didn't have more so I gave him his old baby spoons and he wrapped them with the batman Valentine's he created, one for himself and one for Lawrence. Too cute.

Just thought I would share for my DIY friends!!


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