Happy New Year!

Well it is here: 2016. Within a few hours we will all be watching the ball drop and celebrating the birth of a new year and the old year behind us. I'm not sure how your year went, but mine was full of ups and downs. From Lawrence making Supervisor at work, to us making a small community impact with the homeless to losing our third child in early pregnancy it has been full of happiness and sorrow. I am very happy to see the year end though it did come and go VERY quickly (am I the only one?).

I usually don't make resolutions but due to the depressing nature of the last few months I have decided on a few things. First off, I will be making it a point to have more "me" fun. Time with friends, more time out with my husband and more fun as a family. Overall, I would love to see adventure, even if it isn't anything not worthy. The second, which I have started already, is to FINALLY finish learning the French language. I want to be able to fluently speak and read it. I have dabbled over the years but have never given myself the time of day to actually delve into it to learn like I wish.

The last time I made a resolution it went very well. It was to run my first 5K that year (2014) and instead I topped that by running several small races and beating my PR time as the summer went on. It was very fulfilling and I'm glad I made that decision for myself.

Do you make resolutions? What types do you make? Have you been able to keep them? I would love to hear your experiences and stories! I think goals are important for EVERYONE :)

Happy New Year and thank you for reading Beautifully Poor! Without you, this blog wouldn't be here!


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