Hunters In The Dark by Lawrence Osborne

Hunters In The Dark by Lawrence Osborne is an intellectually written masterpiece that will suck you in right up until the end. This novel started off slowly with an amazing set up of descriptions for the setting of the book. What I found quite intriguing was the fact that Lawrence Osborne actually lives in Bangkok, which is where part of the book takes place. 

The novel tells the story of Robert, a simple and quite boring school teacher who takes his summer vacation by traveling to different parts of the world. He runs into a bit of luck in the beginning which ultimately changes his whole life. He creates himself into being an anything but boring person. I think my favorite part was the end, but I will not put in any spoilers. This was a terrific read and I will happily read this novel again. 

I love books that have real historical and geographical references and this novel carries both. Lawrence Osborne has an amazing work within these pages describing different places in Cambodia and Bangkok and the history of these places come to life with certain characters. I definitely appreciate that. It makes Hunters In The Dark that much more desirable to read and re-read. 

There are a few instances in this book the reader should be aware of if sensitive to some material. Hunters In The Dark is far from graphic though there is indication of sexual encounters as well as one instance of rape. Drug use is also mentioned but as I stated before, it is not at all graphic for the reader though I wouldn't recommend for a younger audience. 

Who knew we were all Hunters In The Dark ? People searching for their own rite in life, for our own happiness. Doesn't that describe us all? I don't know anyone who would be disappointed in reading this novel by Lawrence Osborne  : Hunters In The Dark 

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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