MAKE Beauty

Modern Mattes - Mattify & Transform
We all see so many advertisements for beauty products that are bigger, bolder and better than what we already have stockpiled in our bathrooms or makeup bags. So what is different, I mean REALLY different, about MAKE?

MAKE Beauty goes beyond the outer facade we all carry around with us. They believe that there are no beauty rules and that it is beautiful to be inspired by your own imagination, not just what you are shown or what others do. To be outspoken, confident, intelligent and un-self conscious. Imagine how great it is to feel that way?

There products are also hypoallergenic, they contain NO parabens and are NEVER tested on animals. Made in the USA, proudly, in NYC. 

Aside from the wonderful beauty products they also carry films, books and music to promote a well-being from the inside out. I have honestly never found that in a beauty company in the past and was very impressed with the selection. Check it out for yourself at 

With a great selection of makeup, skincare and gift sets along with video tutorials, is now a go-to site for me and hopefully will be for you. 10% of all sales support women-led, worker owned businesses in needy communities. through there non-profit partner We See Beauty Foundation. If you ask me, that makes the company that much more desirable!

NOW get 20% off your order at with code MAKEYOURSELF until 5/31

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