A Soccer Camp Experience We Won't Forget! ~Challenger Sports - British Soccer Camp

Of all of the experiences we have had this summer, this was by far my son's favorite. I am so very happy that I stumbled upon this Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp. They taught my son skills he had never learned before and I even heard one of the other mom's state that her son learned more in ONE DAY at this camp than 6 weeks in a soccer league at a local community center. Now that is impressive!

The size of the groups are perfect for individual attention and the coaches really know what they are talking about and are so talented. My son's coach, Coach Mike, was from Ireland and so good with
the kids. He made the whole experience fun for them by playing different games that little did they know were enhancing their soccer skills. My son absolutely adored his coach and even made him a picture of the whole team. I can't say enough positive things about the experience my son had. I was so very much impressed with everything about it. 

My son's age group was 5-6, so they didn't focus so much on the game as on technique, which I appreciated. How can a child play when he doesn't know the proper technique? One thing they said that always made me smile was "Oh no, Mr. Toe!" because you aren't supposed to hit the ball with your toes. So anytime a kid would hit with their toe Coach Mike would say this and they would all repeat it. 

He made a good point of encouraging each child throughout the experience while maintaining proper discipline if one or more weren't paying attention or were messing around. I liked that a lot because when my son is learning, I don't want anyone to take it too easy. It should be well balanced which this was.

The camp for him was Monday through Friday from 10:30am until 12pm. The amount of time was perfect to get some great skills learned as well as fun time. They took plenty of water breaks and even a small snack break to refuel. They all appreciated that because they worked hard the whole hour and a half each day. 

The last day of camp was the most fun. The kids got to "Soak the Coach" as they called it. Everyone brought something to get the coach wet ranging from water balloons to squirt guns and even pitchers of water. The kids absolutely loved it!

At the end of camp the coaches signed the kids' soccer balls and shirts if they wanted and the Certificate of Completion they each received stated the things the coach saw them improve on as well as words of encouragement. It was a pleasure to see what the Coach thought of my son and an encouragement to him for all the hard work he put into this.

My son's favorite part was his Coach. He wouldn't stop talking about Coach Mike and that really made my heart smile. He was so friendly and so good with the kids. He told us a little about Ireland and about his summer here in the United States working with Challenger Sports. Coach Mike stated he gets to travel all around the United States working with kids in soccer camps. Him and Coach Tom, the one coaching the older kids, were both so much fun with the kids while maintaining a professional stance and making it so much fun for the kids. This is definitely an experience my boy will be talking about for a long time and next year he is definitely getting signed up. 

To look for a camp near you go here: http://challengersports.com/ It will be an experience your kids will talk about for a long time AND learn valuable soccer skills they may not learn anywhere else. 

*I was able to experience this for no cost thanks to US Family Guide. All opinions stated are completely my own. No other compensation was received. 


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