RoosterFin Game Night!

*I received these games for free from Tryazon to share and review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Game night is something my family and I look forward to and do at least every two weeks! It is even more fun when you have a BBQ and a pool party and involve games. I had never previously heard of RoosterFin but when I was accepted by Tryazon to throw a RoosterFin Game Night we were thrilled!

We invited our church Bible study group over for a BBQ/game night and enjoyed the pool as well. The games went over quite well though I found that mostly younger kids enjoyed them more than adults did. In my opinion, these are great for families. 

For our party, I set out the games, the flyers and the coupons so people could look them over. I introduced them to RoosterFin and told them a little about Tryazon and why I had these products. While the men grilled the women played a few of the games. PongCano was a favorite and super funny to watch! The kids really enjoyed Monkeys Up but their favorite was Turtle Flip.

After games, we all sat by the pool and relaxed while the kids swam. We had a great time and all the flyers were taken as well as most of the coupons for purchasing! 

It was hard to get a group pic until we all slowed down to enjoy the evening!

Each game is very unique in how it is played. Monkeys Up is a fun game that incorporates math into play! You compete to get the highest score of monkeys and can even switch other players and steal monkeys from them! Very fun for family game nights!

PongCano was a huge hit. It is almost like a kid friendly beer pong (I know, I know. Totally reminded me of that though.) Bouncing the ball of the table was fun and actually the game is fairly fast paced so perfect to keep the attention of smaller kids. The bottom of the box even has Tiki's you can choose from, if you want to cut the box, to make the game even more fun! The object of the game is to collect all the chips. You bounce the ball and if you miss, you lose a chip and everyone gets to stay in the game until the chips are won by one person. 

And last but not least, Turtle Flip! This was my son's and his friends absolute favorite at the party and my son still loves it! It is the one he always chooses to play out of the three. It has a very easy concept and for a beginning reader like himself, the chips are easy to understand for him. This game is very fun! 

The point of the game is to get 3 Flip chips and you win! Whoever has the highest card when you flip, wins the flip chip. As you can see in the above picture, he beat me! We have a blast playing this and everyone we have shared it with, especially the kids, love it.

Tryazon is a fun website where you can sign up to host fun parties with new products. Sign up today and follow Tryazon on Facebook and Tryazon on Twitter.

RoosterFin is a fun site full of games that are fun for the whole family! They always seem to have something new on their site so make sure to follow RoosterFin on Facebook and RoosterFin on Twitter

If you are interested in the remaining coupons, feel free to email me at with a Subject of RoosterFin Coupons and I will gladly send you one of each!


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