Looking for Summer Fun? Wheel Fun Rentals in Minnesota Has You Covered

Photo courtesy of Wheel Fun Rentals

If you are anything like our family, you love the outdoors! The fresh air, the exercise and just the enjoyment of nature itself is very fulfilling. As someone who enjoys many activities and who lives in an apartment with lack of room, we don't purchase everything we enjoy like paddle boards, canoes and kayaks. We just don't have the room to store them! Thankfully there is a company called Wheel Fun Rentals that has our back when it comes to outdoor fun! You can rent canoes, paddle boards, kayaks, cruiser boards, double kayaks and so much more by the hour here! Here is a closer look at all the fun things they rent out : Wheel Fun Rentals - What we rent. The bikes can be rented full day and half day as well. This is perfect for families who want fun on the water or off the water.

My family and I were able to rent paddle boards at the Wheel Fun Rentals Lake Calhoun location in Minneapolis. The rental process was very easy and I just left my ID with the gentleman at the counter to pick up when we were done. I liked that because then I had no risk of losing it in the water! I was also able to leave my shorts, tank top and flip flops at the paddle booth so I didn't have to carry them on my board, though if I had a kayak I probably would have just taken them along with me. I took the risk of leaving them there and thankfully they were still there when I got back!!

The lake was perfect and there were fun channels to board or kayak through under bridges and into smaller area's of the lake that were calmer than the larger lake itself. It is much easier to paddle when there aren't so many waves!

The hour was a perfect amount of time as we went later in the day to avoid such big crowds, though there were quite a few people there still and parking was fun to find. It was a pretty hot day to so the evening hours were much more enjoyable and less likely to get scorched!

When we got back to shore, workers took our boards and we replaced our paddles (you get to choose one to fit you!) and our life jackets and picked up my ID. The process was so easy and it was SO much fun! You have to try it!

To find a location near you, find one here: Wheel Fun Rental Locations. They are located in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Most states have multiple locations as well which is very convenient! Note that not every location has the same rentals so be sure to check that out too when choosing location.

The rentals themselves are very affordable too ranging from $10 per hour to $37 for full days at the Lake Calhoun location. Rental prices vary by location but are fairly similar. The only differences I noticed were on the full and half day pricing. 

So what are you waiting for??!! Check out Wheel Fun Rentals today for some amazing, outdoor fun!

*I worked with USFamilyGuide.com on this blog post and was compensated with a free rental at Wheel Fun Rentals. The experience and my opinions about it are 100% my own.


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