Precious Knit Blankies from Leisure Arts

Remember the awesome Loom Knitting Kit I told you about in early July? Well here we are again, thanks to Leisure Arts, with another great product for those just learning to knit or other's who want some new patterns.

Precious Knit Blankies for Baby is that product and boy is it a fun book! The skill level ranks from Beginner to Easy-Plus so they all are doable for the beginner! I had never tried creating a blanket before, only hats from my the Loom Knitting Kit. I was very excited to try my hand at some sweet little blankets for our bundle of joy due in February. Jean Adel from and the Managing Editor for Lion Brand Yarn Company created this as her second book and she did a wonderful job.

In Precious Knit Blankies for Baby there are 16 blanket designs to choose from. I started with the Ribbed Blankie on page 40. The design is rated Easy, which I would agree it is! With the General Instructions on page 67 and Knitting Basics on page 73, I was able to start my blankie! Once I got the two stitches down, it was just a matter of time, lots of time and will take me more time to finish. With home buying and the end of summer activities, I haven't had time to finish the beauty, but I will and when I do, you will get to see the fluffy blankie!

I am very excited to finish this one and start another. I have my eye on the Pom-Pom Carriage Throw pictured below next. Doesn't it look just so cozy!!! 

My favorite thing about this book is that it is easy for the beginning knitter to learn these techniques with the included instructions. I was a little intimidated at first, but with some trial and error was able to get the techniques down to a doable level. I'm sure I will run into times where I miss a stitch and have to go back, but that is a given! Can't be perfect all the time. Precious Knit Blankies for Baby really does make creating precious gifts for your own children or for other's extremely easy and fulfilling. For me, looking at something I made is much better than buying something and right now I have the ability to do so! Thank you Leisure Arts for producing such a great book!

*I received this book free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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