KidCreate Studio ~ Introducing Kids to the Wonderful World of Art

I am always looking for fun things to do around the city, whether it be cultural, educational or just plain fun. One of the most recent Fun and Educational things I have found is Kidcreate Studio - not just any art studio, but somewhere that children can express themselves through their own creations.

My son and I participated in a Thanksgiving Craft Party class and had so much fun! The kids made their own clay turkey - just in time for Thanksgiving - as well as some Goo Gunk, which was a fun science lesson.

The class was led by Kendra, along with her helper Linnea. Upon walking in, the atmosphere was bright and happy. Kendra was extremely welcoming to the parents and their kids, which is a great way to set any environment for learning.

She started us off by having the kids sit on a mat while she went over the simple and easy to follow rules of the class and introduced us to Ferdinand, her clay turkey (who was just adorable!). As an ode to Thanksgiving, she also asked each child what they were thankful for, which was such a blessing to listen to. Answers included, "My mom taking care of me and loving me", "My big brother" *awww*, "My self", "My cat", and my favorite because it was Benjamin's "My mom and dad" *blushing* He is the sweetest.

After this short session, the kids were all presented with their blob of brown clay that would eventually turn into their own turkey masterpiece. Kendra sat right down at the table with the kids, instead of hovering over them, which I truly appreciated. She took the time to tell each child how she liked their unique turkeys and if questions were asked, she patiently helped and answered them. I was very impressed by her patience and kindness with all of the kids.

It was neat to see each child's individual self come out in their little clay turkeys. Between the shapes of the turkey themselves to the tail feathers used, each child ended up with their own unique clay turkey. Benjamin named his turkey "Sunny" which I thought was a great name for such a cute little turkey.

Once all of the turkey's were finished, Kendra brought out the ingredients to making Goo Gunk; a fun substance made from Borax, glue and food coloring. At first Benjamin wasn't quite sure about the texture and feel - it was kind of yucky - but after the water was squeezed out, he really liked it and ended up taking home his own bag of it.

Our experience at Kidcreate Studio was definitely a good one. As I said before, it was a very positive environment and I think all the kids had a lot of fun. They have a studio in Eden Prairie, which is where we were, and in Woodbury. Both locations offer a large variety of classes and parties for kids starting as young as 18 months old. 

One of the programs that caught my eye was the Homeschool Program. As a homeschooling mom I love a variety of activities to keep Benjamin's education and skills budding into the best he can be. The program has a few options, which include Weekly Classes, Masters in the Morning Workshops and Private weekly classes for your co-op group. You can find the brochure for the Homeschool classes here at the bottom of this page: Homeschool Program

They also do Birthday parties , Ladies Night Out Parties and an On-The-Go Studio as well as many other programs. Make sure to check them out at to book your class, party or workshop today!

*I was invited to the Thanksgiving Craft Party in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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