Monthly Pepper Box Subscription

Do you like hot sauces? Or do you know someone who does? What about adventure in the culinary world: do you like to try new flavors and sauces? If you answered yes to any of those, I think I have a product you may thoroughly enjoy! 

It's called Monthly Pepper Box and for as low as $22 a box (depending on the service you choose) you can get  your own box of 3 hot sauces each month! Sound delicious? Well it IS! First let me tell you what my first box held inside!

First in line (and my favorite in the box) is Flamingo Fire from Frankie Flamingo & Company Flamingo Fire Hot Sauce

The sauce itself has a lighter consistency and an almost sweet fore flavor. The sauce is vinegar based, with choice hot red peppers, spices and cane sugar. It sits nicely on the palette with just a hint of spice and is delicious on taco's, burgers and chicken wings. It is a milder sauce but absolutely delicious. Like I said, my favorite in the box!

The second one is Minorcan Ghost from Captain Assjacks LLC. It is a citrus based hot sauce with (you guessed it) ghost chile peppers! It is DEFINITELY the hottest in the box and is absolutely delicious on chicken dishes and makes for a tasty hot chicken wing! If you like hot, you'll like this!  There is a slight curry after flavor in it so pairs well with chicken and rice in my opinion. The options are endless for this flavor. It was by far my husband's favorite in this box! 

The third in the box is Minorcan Gold which is also from Captain Assjacks LLC. It is the milder of the two and also citrus based as Minorcan Ghost. This is a perfect accompaniment to Asian dishes with curry spice, ginger and the hotness of the peppers inside. I loved adding it to my Szechuan Beef recipe. It added nice heat as well as an extra spice to the beef itself. 

I am definitely looking forward to this month's box! They are shipped on the 15th of every month and make for an exciting time of creating new recipes or adding the sauces to old favorites. 

If this is something your or someone you know would love to try, check out Monthly Pepper Box here: Why  not add some spice and excitement to your life?

Your subscription options are 1 month at $24 a month, 3 month at $23 a month or 6 month's at $22 a month. It automatically renews so if you choose to opt out after your subscription is over, be sure to cancel your subscription before the end of your last month. If you are like us though, you won't want to! 


  1. This looks awesome! I might think of getting this for my hubby's b-day in the fall! Great review!


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