The Ice Castles of Eden Prairie, MN

Have you ever wanted to visit a castle? How about a castle made of ICE!? Who would have thought such beauty could be made with some water and LED lights! I must say we were more than impressed this year at the beauty that surrounded us as we entered the beautiful, manmade sculpture.

I really liked how there was signs around the castles themselves letting patrons know how they were built. I did really wonder how they accomplished this, so was pleased to find out! Handcrafted ice castle? Why not!

I found the prices very fair and cheaper than last year. We ended up going on Super Bowl Sunday and needless to say, the crowd was quite thin. I loved it that way! Made for good pictures and the kids could really enjoy the tunnels and slide without the crowds or long lines. I think that was one of my favorite parts was that we could thoroughly enjoy our time there. 

This is really a unique experience we are now looking forward to every year! We went last year and were extremely happy to enjoy ourselves again. 

I was glad to find that the ice castle itself was different than last year as well. It wasn't revisiting the same old place! They had a well that people threw coins into, a nicely made slide with sleds provided, multiple area's with fire pits to keep warm while the kids played and even a concession stand for hot tea or cocoa. Who doesn't want to warm up while inside an ice castle!

There was also a waterfall that was beautiful! The fountain was a nice touch as well. I really liked how it seemed to go to the next level this year and even seemed bigger, though that may have been a result of the lack of crowds. Like I said, it was a great experience that I hope you will take your family to enjoy! 

Check out the 4 different locations here:

And here are some details about the Minnesota location:

Acre-sized, all-ice castle in Eden Prairie, MN. One of four Ice Castles in America

17970 East Miller Parkway
Eden Prairie, MN 55347 USA

Jan 29th-End of February

M - Th: 3pm to 9pm
Tuesday: Closed
Friday: 3pm to 10pm
Sat: Noon to 10pm
Sunday: noon - 8pm

Another cool thing going on next week! Check this out for your little princess!

Photo property of

Princess Tea Party! 

Anna and Elsa cordially invite you to be treated like royalty for the evening and attend their Princess Tea Party. Guests will have the opportunity to meet and greet the princesses at Dunn Brothers Coffee, eat a sweet treat and sip a warm beverage. After the tea party you’ll continue the magical evening with a visit to Ice Castles. Zoom down the slide, get lost in the maze, gaze at the waterfall, and more!
WhenWednesday, February 24
Time: Tea Party from 4-5pm
Where: Dunn Brothers Coffee 8107 Eden Prairie Rd, Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Price: $25 per person (includes a sweet treat, warm beverage, visit with Anna and Elsa, and admission into Ice Castles)

I received tickets free to this event courtesy of All opinions that are expressed are solely mine.


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