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As a renter, I have always wondered how I could protect my home better than just security doors around the building I live in and an intercom system. We aren't allowed to put chain's on the door for extra protection aside from out dead bolt. It really makes me worry and I was born a worrier.

For the first time ever, renter's now have an option for a security system that requires no set-up or monthly fee's. Just purchase once and you are set. It is called the

This world is a crazy place and things happen that some can't imagine happening to them. But they can happen to anyone. That is why to me it is so important to protect myself and my family, whether that mean catching someone during a robbery or someone trying to harm my family. Not only that, what about watching for the kids to come home from school and make sure they made it? Or keep an eye on that pet that keeps chewing on furniture or just a simple check in? That is where Canary comes into play.

What's In The Box

The box is sleek and contains the Canary device along with two window stickers for placement that say Protected by Canary - Active Video Monitoring. There is the AC power adapter, the black USB cord, the yellow phone connector cord and two pamphlets. One gives the return policy and warnings typical for any electronic tech device and the second is the quick start guide.


This simple to set-up security system is perfect for an apartment or a small home. You place it in a central area of your home, plug it into the wall and download the app to your phone (compatable with iPhone 4s or higher and Android 4.0 or higher). The app takes you through the installation process which took less than 5 minutes for me to do in my apartment.

Learns How to Alert You

One of my favorite features is that it senses when you come and go and switches modes automatically. I couldn't wait to test this feature and sure enough, we left to my son's ball game and I got alerts from my cat messing around. See, it is a very sensitive camera, which is awesome. The more you interact with the app, the more it becomes used to your families movement and you will receive less alerts. At first, it sends more notifications as a safety feature until it learns more about you.

Safety Features

Not only does the Canary have a 1080p HD camera with 147° Wide-angle lens, it has night vision and motion detection. The video quality is amazing for such a small device and the alerts send clear video. The Canary also features a high-quality microphone, built-in speaker and 90+ dB siren that you set off from the app. It also monitors the air quality in your home along with the temperature and humidity, which I find very helpful. I was very glad to see the air in my home is great quality!

Another wonderful feature is that you can add people to your Canary and have emergency contacts that also get alerted of activity and can check in on the home. When I set my location it also automatically stored my local Police Station's number along with the fire department and emergency medical services! I didn't even have to look those up!

Moving the Canary to a New Location in Your Home

If you choose to move your Canary, just unplug it from the wall and move to the desired area. Plug it into the wall and then go into the app under Settings, then Devices and click on the Canary you moved. Click Change Connection. It asks how you want to set up a connection which is through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. I clicked Wi-Fi and entered my Wi-Fi's password into the app. It then asks you to connect the yellow wire to the Canary and then to your phone. It had me remove the black wire that connects it to the wall and re-plug it in and then the app took me through the set-up process again which only took a minute. So it is easily moved around until you find the best possible location for your home.

Why Choose the Canary

If you rent like me, the Canary is the most innovative high-tech security system. Here are the perks:

  • No monthly fee
  • No contract
  • No charge for false alarms
  • Video Notifications
  • Easy to set-up
  • Watch LIVE what's going on in your home
  • Personalized to you and your home
  • Keeps your home healthy monitoring temp, humidity and air quality
  • Keeps you in touch with your family when you can't be there
The free service allows 5 saved clips in Cloud and access to events from the last 12 hours. Coming soon are plans to be able to save more clips to your phone and for different services they will offer for a monthly fee. 

I asked them over at Canary how storage works. Once a video is deleted, it is deleted FOREVER. It isn't saved somewhere for later viewing and I liked that for added privacy. When you flag a video, it saves on your phone's app and no where else. So there isn't a Canary system that saves all your info for someone to get into and invade the privacy of Canary owners. Now you can also export video from the app onto your phone too which is great! Say you are at work and your baby takes their first steps! If Canary caught it, you get to watch it! 

Personally, I find the Canary to be a wonderful system that add's to my security in my home. Anything can happen at any time and rental properties are more prone to be broken into than home's owned. I feel safer and so does my family. Get yours here today! 

*I received this product free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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