Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

July 11, 2010

Today marks my husband and I's 5th Wedding Anniversary. It is a special day, and rainy, just like the day we were married. They say rain means good luck on a wedding day. This is superstition of course but it is said to bring cleansing to the marriage of the past, the tough times and the bad memories. It is supposed to signify that the marriage will last, along with the blessing of fertility and that it will be the last day the bride will shed tears.

Obviously these are superstitions but it is interesting as it was rainy then and is rainy now. I find it beautifully calming. These last 5 years have been a roller coaster of emotions. Every marriage is rough, I just feel blessed that we have made it through those tough times.

Lawrence and I didn't have a traditional wedding to say the least. We had been dating a little over 5 years when I got pregnant with Benjamin. We had a shot gun wedding at the courthouse. Some would say that we had eloped. It wasn't the flashy, beautiful wedding most girls dream about, but it was good enough for me. It was the day my small family started.

Boy the ride we have been on since. Our marriage has been thrown for a loop and quite honestly, I am surprised it has lasted this long. There have been many fights and many tears shed. But there has also been a lot of hope through this time we have been together.

God had a plan when I met Lawrence. It doesn't matter how we met, God knew we were meant to be. We have helped each other grow into the people we are today. Lawrence has seen me at my worst and I have seen him at his, yet we still hold on to the love we have that continues to grow. Yes, we have talked about divorce, yes hateful words have been spewed at each other. What marriage doesn't have problems? I am just happy we have stuck through ours to see this Anniversary and I hope many more to come.

When marriage gets tough, remember why you fell in love to begin with. Try to not focus on all the negative about your spouse, but what they do well and what they have done specifically for you as a person. Marriage is an instituion of God, built by him to bring a man and a women together in a holy unity that brings forth FAMILY. When made the way he had planned it is an absolutely beautiful thing.
"Therefore what God has brought together, let man not separate." Mark 10:9 NIV


  1. I completely agree, when times get tough, get back to the root of your love for one another. Really great read! Thank you <3


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