Bath Painting!

When Benjamin gets disappointed, it is sad, but sometimes it is due to his own fault with not listening or just being a kid. Last night it was because he took a LONG time to finish his food, getting up to go potty twice during dinner, messing around with his imagination etc. If anyone has an imaginative child they get it.

Needless to say it was pretty much dark out before he finished dinner so he was unable to play outside, which really devestated him to the point of tears so I came up with a painting in the tub idea to keep him busy for a little bit before bedtime. It was bath night after all and I figured it would get his mind off of his disappointment.

I grabbed what little was left in his Crayola washable finger paints and decided the mess was worth his smiles. Sure enough it was a huge hit. I let him squirt it onto his hands and paint all over the tub walls (NOTE: I am not sure how this would clean up with tiles and grout). He spent the rest of his night before bedtime having a blast in the tub, totally making up for his lack of quickness in eating dinner in time to get outside. He went to bed happy and care free like his normal self.

For clean up, I just used his beach bucket that he plays with in the tub and washed off the walls and floor of the tub with water. It came off quick and just fine :) Win-Win.

What do you do for your kids when they have a bad day? I'd love to hear your creative ideas on keeping kids content! Thanks for reading!


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