The Rising by Ryan D'Agostino

The Rising is based on a true story written by Ryan D'Agostino who is an acclaimed journalist. The story is that of Bill Petit and the gruesome murder of his wife and two daughters and his own near death experience. The tragedy occured July 23, 2007 in the middle of the night and it is a night he will never forget. It also tells of how he overcomes this adversity in his life and is able to move on; proving that the human being is stronger than one would have thought and life worth every minute it is lived. 

The book starts off telling of Bill in his new life, after the tragedy. It talks of his memorial for his wife and daughters and even in the first chapter, you can feel the pain that he must live. It then shoots back to his memory of the night he was bludgeoned. The night he got away when he shouldn't have. The night his life was spared by some miracle. The book goes on into the life before the tragedy. It goes into details about Bill's young life, then going on about how he met his wife, Jennifer. There life together and then when the kids were born, Hayley and Michaela. It is beautiful to read and makes the future of the book cringe worthy, yet somehow you keep going.

It goes into some details about the murders and what he suffered. From there the book tells of the aftermath, the trials and his rise above the tragedy that overtook his life; that should have claimed his life but didn't.

This is all written. from the writer's point of view which I like because you can tell he actually talked with Dr. William Petit. He did research and found out who he really was before writing this wonderful book about this man's tragedy and ressurection. The Rising is a beautifully written piece of art that brings you into the life of a man who is strong and resilient; someone who loves and lives despite the odds. It is truly wonderful and inspiring.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. 


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