KOSOX Has Your Lunch Covered!

Now it may not look like much, but this lunch box and wooden bento box are sure to be handy in every day lunch life. Whether you work in an office or travel while you work, the lunch box is insulated to keep things cold or hot and the wooden bento box is just perfect for those who eat light!

Let's start with the wooden bento box. I have never seen anything quite this unique in my life. It is inspired by the Japanese and keeps food inside insulated which I would have never guessed in my life. As you can see it is wood, so you can't soak it or put it in the dishwasher though it comes clean quite easily with warm water and a little soap if needed. This one is made of pure Chinese fir and coated in Chinese lacquer. It is safe and non-toxic as well as safe for the environment. They say to watch for the smell of paint when you first get it but I didn't smell that. To remove they tell you to mix vinegar with water and to wash gently and repeat until the smell is gone. Don't soak it though, just wipe it out. It has a removable T to separate the box into compartments so food doesn't mix. It also comes with a red elastic strap to keep the box shut when not in use. 

To keep it maintained, wipe it with olive oil and let air dry for 12 hours. Very easy to maintain and use.

This beautiful wooden bento box can be purchased here: KOSOX Wooden Lunch Bento Box

Now the lunch box doesn't only come in red, but in pink, navy blue and orange as well! I prefer red as it is my favorite color ;) This lunch bag has a top handle, is insulated and shuts with a zipper and velcro. It measures at 9.84"x9.05"x4.72". The bag is stain resistant and very easy to keep clean. It can fit a thermos and the wooden bento box fits perfectly into the bottom with some room even.

If you would like to look into purchasing this lunch bag you can find it here: KOSOX Square Lunch Bag

I received these items free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


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