Lucky Brushes

Lucky Brushes are the fun and affordable way to introduce your baby/toddler to the world of brushing! Brushing teeth is an essential habit to everyone, as we all know, so introducing it at a young age is a brilliant idea. Kids are imitators, so naturally watching those around them is how they learn. But when they can get their hands on the same item, they are in heaven!

Now, these aren't just ordinary toothbrushes. They also are teethers that massage those sad, swollen, teething gums little ones get. Teething is one of the hardest "seasons" kids go through for the child and parents alike so the more we can help them get through it, the better for the both of us!

The handle on the brush is an easy-to-hold horseshoe shape perfect for those chubby little hands to grasp. It is BPA free and FDA approved making it a safe choice for our sweet little angels. The bristles are soft but not too soft, actually cleaning your childs teeth whether they are chewing on it or actually trying to brush. Bright and colorful, you and your child are sure to love these! 

Right now use code EARLYBIRD for FREE shipping! Don't wait and help your little one learn to brush and ease those teething pains.

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*I received Lucky Brushes for testing and review purposes to present them to my readers here on my blog. All opinions are 100% my own and unbiased. 


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