A Day to Remember

So today marks my babies 1st birthday. She would have been 1 if she would have made it through my pregnancy. It has been a hard day and I'd be lying if I haven't felt anger towards God a little today and so much grief and heartache in my heart and soul. I wanted to do something special and I've seen people do a balloon release before and I loved the idea. We bought her a birthday balloon and two stars. Wish the hubby would've gotten the birthday balloon in the pic but it was so windy out! I attached flowers, a card and a beautiful bracelet.

My husband and I both wrote in the card for our sweet doll. The problem was, Benjamin really liked the balloons and didn't want to let them go, so that was a struggle, but a giggle in our day. I thank God every day for our beautiful little boy. He is the light in our darkness, especially today.

Later tonight, we went to dinner in celebration of her short life. It just seemed appropriate though we don't have her with us. I just wish I could hold my angel. But I know she is in a better place and is flying with the angels and talking to Jesus.

When a baby is born into heaven
the angels sing quite low,
the saddest of the lullabies 
a human could ever know.

When a baby is born into heaven
hearts are deeply grieved.
A mothers tears and a fathers cries
come deep from within the bereaved.

As we send off your gifts to heaven,
the grief is still so real.
Just remember your not forgotten
and our love for you is all we feel.

~Rachel Fuller

Adora Ruby 7-17-13
Due date 3-1-14

I miss you baby girl. I can't wait to meet you in heaven. 


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your little angel. I have one also except I was lucky to have him for 2 and a half months before God called him back. One day we will all be reunited with our angels who we hold so close in our hearts.


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