Getting Crafty!! Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

I love making stuff for my kids room! I mean, I refurbished his dresser. Got it for $10, fixed it up and painted it and I love it. Well I wanted to add to his walls, since they are kind of plain. I am sure you have all seen the magnet boards on Pinterest. Well I FINALLY made one!!!

Super easy to do. I just took an old cookie sheet and sanded it down so it was shiny.

That was the worst part, but still not at all hard. I let Benjamin pick out the pain color because it is his after all. He picked a really pretty blue color!

This paint was PERFECT on the cookie sheet. I only used two coats and it covered it completely. Makes a great place to hang up his art work! I really love how it turned out! This is one of my favorite DIY projects I have done!!! 


  1. What a great craft idea!! So cute!

  2. How Cute and What A Great Idea I need to do this with My old cookie sheets and then I have an excuse to get new ones ;) Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, it was my excuse to get new one's too :)


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