A Victory With a Picky Eater

I KNOW I am not the only mother to deal with a picky eater, and as an ex-picky eater myself, I kind of know how to go about it and force is just not an option. Just like when I was a kid, if I tell my 4 year old he HAS to eat what I put in front of him or he goes hungry guess what? He will go hungry. And he won't complain about it! Sometimes he will say "I'm hungry" and I'll come back with "Well you could eat what I made for dinner" and then he drops it. 

So I felt I had to go about this a different way, because I used to react just like him in the above situation. I was stubborn as an ox and so is he. Can be a good trait if we raise him right and I think we are on a good road to that. 

Well lately he will only eat peanut butter sandwiches, bologna, and chicken nuggets. Along with chips and treats obviously. But those are his main meals, oh and toast. He used to like spaghetti and since that's what I had on the dinner agenda that's what I made. I knew if I could just get him to take one bite he would actually go for it and like it again. 

I plated our dinner and called him to the table. He sat down and said "No, no spaghetti for dinner!" I didn't scold because that always goes nowhere. Instead I started being goofy and grabbed one of my noodles and held it up to my mouth saying "Oh no! Oh no!" and ate it. He thought that was the best and did it too.

Then guess what he said!!!! "Oh mummy, this is yummy!" Then he continued to eat his noodles like this. Yes it was messy. Yes I let him play with his food. But to me it is more important he eat healthy food. If it needs to be fun, so be it. He is only 4 and he will grow out of this. He is a boy and will start being ravenous for everything in his way.

Needless to say, not much longer he was shoveling the spaghetti in his mouth and finished his whole plate. When he was done he said "Thank you mummy, you really cook good." Talk about applause in my head!!! I had to giggle though. I told him I was glad he ate his whole plate and that I bet his tummy was really happy. As he would say "I win!"

Kids eating habits can change fast. One day they are compliant with the no-thank you bite and others they are just downright stubborn. Well, my strong-willed little boy can't resist a little fun and I was happy that I was able to "win" this time! 

Good luck parent's with picky eaters! I totally know how frustrating it can be! 


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