Colore Liquid Chalk Markers

Okay, these markers are awesome. They are liquid chalk and it's so cool! They are perfect for a variety of surfaces including glass, whiteboards, sidewalk signs, menu boards and any non-porous surface! So don't try it out on wood or anything like that, because it may not come off.

I am excited to surprise my husband with a note on the bathroom mirror for when he gets up in the morning :)

I could also draw on the car window, but then he would have to clean it off haha!

The marker is double-tipped too! I didn't realize that until I read the back. Super easy to do, you just take the tip out and flip it. There is a bullet style side and a chisel side.

And clean up is simple. Just wipe with a cloth. On glass I didn't even need a cleaner! 


So if you are in need of a product like this, here is your answer! For use at work, in an office, restaurant or school and for fun at home! Get your own here: Liquid Chalk Markers

*I received this product at little to no cost for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. These are so neat! I am always leaving little love notes for my mister on our bathroom mirror in the morning. I use a dry erase but these would be so much more fun!


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