Motodori Packing Cubes and Shoe Bag Review

Like to travel light? Well I think these packing cubes would be perfect for you! There are 4 cubes, the large weighs only 4.8 ozs, both medium sizes weigh 4 ozs and the small one weighs only 3.2 ozs! They are made from a strong, lightweight nylon fabric and mesh and are perfect for traveling. Whether that means on an airplane or backpacking through the woods on a camping trip!

Another great use I saw for these was for new mom's who have to bring a bag for themselves and baby to the hospital when the baby is born. These are perfect for that! They are so light, and when taking a baby home, you have so much to carry already, why add to that? 

Trying to store those winter clothes during the summer or vice versa? These are perfect for that too! I myself don't have tons of clothes so these work great for me and they are small enough to store in a closet without taking up so much room! 

In the shoe bag, I was able to fit two pairs of high heels. My husband wears a size 11 and could fit one pair of his shoes in the bag. This is really nice for traveling especially if you have a pair of fancy dress shoes you don't want to add to your clothes bag. Or say you are camping and have a pair of muddy shoe's and no way to clean them. Add them to this bag, which is made of a durable nylon and can be easily wiped clean. The shoe bag also has an adjustable draw string to pull the bag closed and keep it closed.

For plane travel, these fit great into a carry-on bag and keep items categorized, so if you are like me and like pants in one bag, shirts in another etc., you would love these! Each bag has it's own color too, so you can color code your items! The large is blue, one medium is green and the other is orange, and the small bag is red. 

To store, these all fit inside one of the medium bags when not in use! 

I highly recommend this product to anyone whether you travel or not! Great for the gym, camping, RV travel, cruises or any other venture life may take you. They make the most of your space and are easy to take with. 

Check out this video review and see everything I could fit into my bags:

They are durable and backed by a Lifetime Guarantee! How many products have that? Get yours today here: Packing Cubes

*I received this product free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I have to travel in Aug. of this year. I might be doing some before then too... these would be so great to have! Great review!

    1. Yes check into these! They are very affordable too!

  2. When i am going for travelling,I also used packing cubes ...Its has its own value...I am too much concern about designs...


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