A New Way To Label - Think Chalkboard (Coupon code inside!)

These labels are extremely cool! They come in a package of 48; 6 sheets of 8 labels. There are 8 different shapes as well which is really nice as they aren't just circles or squares. I love out of the ordinary! This makes them more fun! My son loves that they are different shapes and before we started school, I had him choose labels for his folders. He was very happy to be able to choose a different one for each day of the week.

They are easy to peel off the paper they come on and apply to whatever you choose. I gently brushed my finger back and forth on the label as I was applying to eliminate any bubble formation. 

The one super cool thing about these is that you can easily remove them, especially for glass. I did this with my gallon sized jar and it left no glue residue and re-stuck just fine. These are also dishwasher and refrigerator safe! How awesome! They are PERFECT for canning and if you are like me you reuse your glass jars every year but don't put the same canned foods in them. I also use them for sauces throughout the year so these are great for wiping off the chalk or washing them in the dishwasher to re-label.

As you can see they are great for a variety of things and are backed by a 100% money  back guarantee. They come with a chalk marker too so no need to worry about purchasing one of those as well! 

Use code rachread for 20% off your own labels! Order here: Vinyl Chalkboard Labels

*I received these labels at little to no cost for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


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