imPRESS Manicure - An Easy Way for Beautiful Nails!

As a busy mom, doing my nails is something that is always a last priority and even when I do them, I end up taking off the polish within a day or two because it annoys me or chips or whatever. There are a few other nail ideas around that claim ease of application and removal but I haven't found anything to make me want to do my nails anymore than I already do; until NOW.

imPRESS Maniucure is that answer! Here are the main perks:

*NO Nail Damage
*NO glue needed (or hair dryer)
*NO acetone or soak-off removal ~ just peel off
*Ultra-Hold Adhesive Technology
*OVER 40 colors, designs and accent nails to choose from
*No dry time, no mess
*Ultra shine gel
*Lasts up to one week
*Safe on Natural nails
*Apply in minutes

To me, that is just the beginning. All you have to do to apply is find the right nail size, peel off the back and press on the nail starting from the center and then the edges. It creates a gap free seal on the nail making it waterproof and lasting longer. The packages I got came with 30 ultra-shine gel nails, 6 being accent nails and the second package has 24 ultra-shine gel nails with two accent gems. They are just beautiful in my opinion and look like a real manicure! I am very happy with the results and even my 4 year old said they were just beautiful. PLUS if you have a little one, the package has enough and small enough sizes for little hands so you could do a mommy and me manicure! How fun is that?

These are avaliable at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid and Kmart stores nationwide and the suggest retail price is $6.99. That is so inexpensive compared to the $30-$80 you could spend getting your nails done in a salon and MUCH faster!

Check them out on Twitter @imPRESSmanicure and here: http://http//

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