Luxy Beauty Care Shower Brush

I have wanted a nice shower brush for awhile now and am extremely happy with this one!  Perfect for the shower and skin brushing!

My favorite part about this brush is that it has soft bristles. I was really expecting something much stiffer but am very pleased with the softness. It also doubles as a massager which works great in the shower. The handle is easy for me to grip and easy to clean, unlike ones that are wooden. Not only for the shower though, it can be used as a whole body brush. Our skin reacts very well to brushing, though that sounds strange slightly. When using it for body brushing start from you feet and work towards your heart, but always be brushing towards your heart. Skin brushing is great for exfoliation, circulation and reducing cellulite. The reason it helps with cellulite is that it brings more blood flow to problem areas and eventually lessens if not eliminates it altogether ~ depending on how dedicated you are to brushing. I prefer to use it before bed or before getting in the shower. It feels great and helps awaken the skin.

This brush itself is very well made and I am extremely happy with how well it works, the softness of the bristles and the ease of use I get out of it. I received the Luxy Beauty Care brush at little to no cost for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

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