Aveniro Glass Nail Files - The New Way to File

Have you ever used a glass nail file? I know for me I was hooked on the metal one's for the longest time and thought they were the best way to go. I've never liked emery boards EVER because they are cheap and always fall apart. So when I came across this great invention I was thouroughly intrigued.

Aveniro makes glass nail files that have a unique microstructure. Science; cool! The abrasive surface is produced by chemical etching that grinds spikes right into the glass surface so that it won't wear out or go dull. Now that's what I want from a nail file! I've even had metal one's wear out on me, but never the glass ones!
Laser Engraved - Photo Courtesy of Aveniro

The fun thing about Aveniro is that they don't just offer color based files. They offer printed, logo, photo-print, crytal stone (pictured above at the bottom), sandblasted, laser engraved and the list goes on!

Photo Print - Photo Courtesy of Aveniro

Metal Decorated - Photo Courtesy of Aveniro

I love all the choices and they even have pedicure files which are much larger and work at getting tough skin off the feet extremely well. The other thing I love: they each have there own protective sheeth to keep the file clean and covered while not in use.

They file nails gently and are good for use on natural and artificial nails. Any girl would love to have something this pretty in her manicure bag!

For more information, visit there website here:

*I recevied Aveniro products in exchange for this unbiased and honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Where in USA can we purchase? I visited website and facebook page and Amazon and Sally's Beauty Supply and cannot find where to purchase.

    1. Here is there contact info to get information on how to purchase!

      Tel.: +420 487 710 710
      Fax: +420 487 710 709
      E-mail: aveniro@aveniro.cz


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