PictYear - A New Sort of Picture App

PictYear is one of the coolest new apps to create photo books with friends or on your own! To begin you can download the app onto your device. This app is available in the iTunes App Store and in Google Play. Once downloaded create an account with them and begin the fun!!

Now the coolest thing is that when you want to add friends, you can add them through email, recent friends you've created one with previously, or Facebook friends who have the app. If you want to create one with your own creative juices, simply click start photobook and it brings you to a place where you can start clicking photos! I like this part because say you at Disney World with your family. Just get the app loaded and start clicking away. You can then add those pictures to your photo book by choosing the picture and sliding the screen up to add to your current book, or you can finish taking all your pictures and go in and choose from the photo gallery in the app.

Another option is to upload pictures from lolë, Dropbox, flickr or Instagram. I personally used this method as I could get all the pictures I wanted from everywhere I have them, put them in a file in Dropbox and upload into my photo book. Once you have 21 photos, you can then choose to order a mini book for only $12.99 OR keep adding pictures (up to 81) for $24.99 -$29.99. Once you figure out how large you want it, continue on to order and you can choose a layout, theme and format for your book. If choosing a mini book it is 7x5 inches and a soft cover. If you keep adding more it will pop up with a notice once you add 50 to tell you that is the minimum amount of photos to create a flawless photobook with a fun variety of images. The max amount of images is 81. Once you hit 50 you can then order the Square 8x8 inch hard cover book for $24.99 or the Landscape 11.25x8.25 inch hard cover (pictured) for $29.99.

You then have 4 themes to choose from. Black, Paper, Color (pictured) or Grey. Each has its own look and font that you can create for what you, personally like. Another awesome thing about it is once you get to adding and re-arranging your pictures you can move them into the box where you want and even do some special effects to them like black and white, auto-fix, sepia, etc. So if you wanted a black and white album but didn't have the pictures in black and white, there ya go! You can also add text into your book so say you want to mark memories, you can do that! All from one app!

Once ready to order, click Order Now and it will tell you what taxes and the price of shipping. Shipping is $4.99 for the square and landscape books and $3.99 for the mini books. Once you add your payment info, you order and will get it in the mail delivered USPS usually within 5 to 8 business days! It really is EXTREMELY easy to do, VERY fun and you get a beautiful product. I am extremely happy with the quality of the book and the amount of pictures I was able to add to it. PictYear is an awesome app that you should totally check out. Get your photo book today!

*This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media.  I received a photo book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.  All views and opinions expressed above are my own and are not influenced in any way.


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