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Measurable Difference Eyeshadow

Ice Cream Eyeshadow
Platinum Nights Eyeshadow
Measurable Difference was created to help the everyday woman retain a youthful glow. We all want to stay young. Looking in the mirror the older I get can seem very daunting. I remember being able to eat anything and not gain one pound! Well times have changed, so I can appreciate the fact that there is a company out there who understands me and wants me to feel my best.

The Measurable Difference Desert Nights Eyeshadow product line has 13 different color palettes to choose from including glitter and creme shadows. Brights for the days you want your eye's to pop or a night on the town, black smokey eye selections for the nights a little sexy is wanted and neutrals for every day wear. You can't go wrong with Measurable Difference!
Party Eyeshadow

Holland Tulips Eyeshadow

My favorite part about Measurable Difference is that they promote natural Beauty. We live in a world of such pretentious everything that being oneself and embracing our flaws is what we need to do, especially as women. Our flaws are what make us unique and real human beings! The world is full of unrealistic beauty expectations that if we try to meet, it just drags us down. In all reality, looking like that photo-shopped girl in a magazine is unattainable ~ even for her. So for a company to realize this instead of try to sell things catering to that is amazing.

This eye shadow is just a small portion of what Measurable Difference has to offer. They have brow tint, false lashes, a contour kit, a facial cleansing system and much more. You have to check it out!

Natural Nude

Enter to WIN your own Measurable Difference Eyeshadow palette! Contest ends 9/30 with 10 WINNERS! Yes that's right 10!! You could be one of the lucky one's. Enter here: 


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