Etekcity Etekfit High Precision Scale Review

The Etekfit Scale has to be one of the most intricate bathroom scales that I have ever seen. For a scale to weigh you is one thing, but Etekcity took this to a whole new level. Here are the things the Etekfit Scale weighs aside from just body weight:

  • Body Water Percentage
  • Body Fat
  • Bone Mass
  • BMI
  • BMR
  • Visceral Fat

This scale is sturdy and has a capacity of 400 pounds. The bottom has 4 grips to protect your floor and your scale from getting damaged.

The scale is powered by 4 AA batteries that go into the back of the scale. There is also an Auto Power Off after 30 seconds of non-use.

Without an app, this scale just measures body weight. Etekcity created an app for this scale that is free that you connect via Bluetooth to the scale to measure visceral fat, BMI, etc. The app is for iOS devices from the iPhone 4s and higher and for Android devices with the Android 2.3 or higher with at least Bluetooth 2.1.

I have an Android device so will show you how it works with my smartphone.

The app has you set up a profile with your name, gender, unit of measure (lbs, kg), Birthday, height and level of activity you do (choices are ordinary, amateur and professional).

Then you save this information and can proceed to start keeping track of your weight. To log your start weight, stand on the scale, make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on, and a screen should pop up asking you for a pairing code. This is provided in the manual. Step on the scale barefooted and the connection should be automatic between your phone and the scale. The numbers "8888" show up and run through the screen then it asks if you want to save new data. Click yes and you will have your first weigh in!

When you click on the arrows next to any of the measurements, you can choose between a graph or a list which show the fluctuations in your weight and differences day to day. You can also share this information to social networks and in email and messaging if  you want to.

They recommend getting your weight at the same time every day. It says there is an unlimited number of users, though my husband and I are only on ours. The youngest age on it is 10 years old, though I have Benjamin weigh himself just so he can see his weight, it just isn't tracked in the app.

As you can see at the bottom of the screen there are 3 buttons: Info, Settings and Delete. Delete is to delete that person and their data. Info brings you to this screen:

This gives you information on what you should be looking for in the different measurements. Let's take BMI for example. A thin BMI is 18.5 and under, a healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24. Light Depo BMI is between 24 and 28 and Serious Depot BMI is 28 and above. This is handy as some don't understand these measurements and exactly what should be looked for. And if trying to lose weight or become healthier, this information is vital in understanding the scale.

The settings screen just allows you to edit your information, what type of scale you are connecting to, the information can be saved as a TXT file and you can also look up information about Etekfit.

All in all, this scale has got to be on of the best I have seen. It really can show improvements in your own weight and when trying to lose weight, can track it for you better than writing it down or keeping a mental note.

The accuracy of this scale is VERY good! I have not had a problem with stepping on the scale, getting off, then stepping on again and getting a different weight. I have always gotten the same weight as I did moments before.

Here is there accuracy deviation:

110 lbs ± 0.66 lbs       220 lbs ± 0.88 lbs      330 lbs ± 1.1 lbs

One of the warning in the pamphlet that I want to make known here. DO NOT use this device if you have medical implants such as pacemakers. 

I HIGHLY recommend this scale if you are looking to get fit or just want a smarter scale in the house! Get your own here: Etekcity High Precision Scale

*I received this product free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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