Komax Water Bottle and Pitcher Review

Komax products are wonderful for everyday use. These water pitchers and bottles are no exception to that! Look at how pretty they are too! I just love how they all look. Here is my video review on them all: 

Komax One Touch Water Bottle


This water bottle to me is just a beautiful color. The handle flips up to be hidden and the lid locks very well, but it is easy to open. The white part of the lid lock is pushed down, then the blue top part to pop open the lid. To lock, just shut the lid and push the white part back up. I like how the seal keeps it from spilling inside the cover too, making it much easier to keep clean. It is BPA free and easy to clean in hot, soapy water. It is light and easy to carry around while out and about. It is 700ml (23.6 oz), which is a great size; not to big or too small. It is made with a eco-friendly material that can handle heat as well and can be placed in the freezer. It can be ordered here: One Touch

Komax AquaGlass Water Pitcher


This water pitcher is one of the nicest I have ever owned. The color itself makes it pop and the fact it is made out of glass makes it much more appealing to me. The glass is BPA free and can be cleaned with hot, soapy water. At 47.3oz it makes a great table top serving pitcher for dinner. It's sturdy, and the glass is thick, so it would take a lot to break it, I feel. Obviously I didn't test that theory though! It is a slim pitcher, so it fits in my refrigerator door which helps save room in the fridge. The cap turns to an opening for pouring and can be twisted shut to reduce spills. Easy to use and modern design! Get your own here: AquaGlass

Komax Edge One Touch Bottle

The design of this bottle is so fun! The mouth is big enough to get the creases clean as well so it works perfect and makes for easy gripping while pouring. It is made from BPA free plastic and is 67.6 oz, which for me is like the perfect picnic size. The lid is also leak proof and very easy to open. This fits in my fridge door to save space in the fridge itself, which I find nice. It is also sturdy enough to use for warm beverages. Designed very well and modern! Get yours here: Edge

Komax 1.1L Glass Pitcher


This glass pitcher is BPA free and at 1.1L is a great size. The cover is plastic and leak proof with two choices for pouring by just turning it. One is sort of like a filter and the other is open. In the picture I took you can kind of see it. I like this because it is short enough to fit on one of my fridge racks and yet slim enough to fit inside my fridge door for convenience. The handle is glass as well and makes it easy to pour. I really like the simple, classic design of this glass pitcher. Very well made. Get your own here: 1.1L Pitcher

Overall, this set is great. I really am very happy to have been able to add these to my collection! The fact that two are glass is very appealing. All being BPA free makes me confident that they are safe for everyday use. If you want some high quality, affordable beverage containers, look no further.

*I received these products free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


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