GloryFeel's Colon Cleanse Review

Once in awhile, our bodies just need a good cleaning from the inside out. With GloryFeel's Colon Cleanse that is possible in an all-natural way. Who doesn't want to feel good? With all the processed foods we eat, our bodies start to bog down. I notice in myself I have less energy, feel tired and just don't feel good. With this cleanse I was able to take that back.

I started with two capsules before bedtime and it worked right away. The next day I felt "cleaned out". I would suggest starting this on a weekend or a night before you don't have to go into work the next day, just because every one's body reacts differently to things like this, especially if you have never done a cleanse before. Also, starting with just one pill at night to see how your body reacts could be a smart move as well. 

The bottle has 30 capsules, good for one 15 day cleanse, unless of course you use only 1 pill a day. That is the perfect length for a good cleanse. Our digestive systems seem to get taken for granted, and this will help get it back on track.

The ingredients in this cleanse are natural and are made to help our bodies detox. L. Acidophilus is a probiotic that promotes healthy levels of bacteria in our digestive system. Senna and Cascara Segrada have natural laxative abilities, aloe vera is a colon cleansing and liver cleansing herb and psyllium husk and flax seeds are great for bulk to help clean out our intestines. 

This cleanse increases energy and helps eliminate bloating. I also noticed that I lost a few pounds doing this cleanse, which is kind of scary but good! 

If you have never done a cleanse, rethink that and try this one. You will feel better and have more energy and best of all your body will thank you. Get yours here: Colon Cleanse

Here is my video review:

*I received this product free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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