Tips to Get Your Spring Cleaning Done Fast & Easy

Spring is FINALLY here, well most days anyways. With it comes the matter or cleaning the house and freshening it up from the winter blues. This can be a task, especially if you live in a larger home. Here are some tips I have found work good for me year after year and getting it done without stressing out a lot.

  • Make a List
I cant' tell you how smart this really is to do. Make a list by each room you need to clean. Under the heading of each room write down what needs to be done. Like the kitchen: underneath you could put floors, ceiling, cupboards, shelves, refrigerator, freezer, sink, disposal and microwave. This way when you go into a room you don't forget what needs to be done or overlook something and have to go back, or like in my case sometimes, just skip it altogether.

  • Do One Room or Floor a Week or Weekend
Breaking it up into different times instead of all at once can help alleviate the stress. I do one room or one side of my place a weekend because it takes me about 3 hours to do a really good job on one room. Bedrooms seem to occupy a lot of my time because I go through drawers and closets and get rid of things I no longer want or need. It takes me about a month to finish my whole apartment, but it isn't stressful and I am never burned out after a FULL day of cleaning.

  • Don't Forget The Outside
One of the things that tends to get forgotten is the garage and any shed one may have. Those can get all sorts of cluttered with junk and dirt and need to be cleaned just as much as our homes. Another thing is the outside of the home in general. The outside of windows, window screens, cleaning up the yard, etc., sometimes can be overlooked in our Spring frenzy. Make sure to add those to your cleaning list so they aren't forgotten.

  • Have a Rummage Sale
If you find you have de-cluttered enough to make some money off of your stuff, have a rummage sale! Why not make some extra cash off of the things you no longer want and need? Another good option is to donate gently used items to a local charity. They are always in need of things.

  • Don't Forget to Look Up!
The ceilings get dirty even if they aren't "used" and corners accumulate cob webs. I have used a Swiffer sweeper to reach up high enough to get my ceiling and if all else fails I use a step stool or small ladder. It can be gross to climb up high and see the months of dirt just hanging out above you! Also, light fixtures need to be cleaned and are usually forgotten about unless a bulb burns out. 

  • Wash the Walls
This has got to be my least favorite chore because it feels like it takes forever. But with a small child it is even more crucial than without. We touch our walls a lot more than I would even imagine, and they can harbor germs and just dirt in general. Pollen also accumulates on surfaces walls included.

Spring cleaning is no fun, but I hope these simple tips can help you make it through this dreaded chore. Though some may enjoy it, I certainly do not. 

Have a great one and thanks for reading! 


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