Twenty Dinners - A Journey Into the Culinary World


Twenty Dinners is a exquisitely designed cook book, and yet it is more. Ithai Schori and Chris Taylor bring one through a journey of the seasons with their beautiful photography and seasonal foods and drinks. 

The dinner's are set as whole meals from main dishes, to desserts and even drink suggestions. The recipes are unique and not the run-of-the-mill home cooking that I do a lot of. They are upscale and yet simple. To take a normal pork chop dinner and create Pork Chops and Charred Applesauce, Braised Fennel with Mint, Roasted New Potatoes  finished with Lillie's Sticky Toffee Pudding is just amazing to me. These are meals you would find in a 5 star restaurant, yet I have the recipes in this treasure of a book.

Not only are there recipes in here, but they also have included techniques, terms and handy advice. This is great for any cook, no matter where you are at in the culinary world. I am always open to advice, especially from professionals. 

They also have a section on tools, pantry and shopping for ingredients. They give advice on shopping for produce, meat and fish as well as for storing food. 

Each dish gets its own intro as well. I think that is neat how they went into so much detail with their food and it is very apparent that they are very passionate about this cook book, and that's what I want from a cook book.

Lavender Infused Olive Oil - Poached Cod
I couldn't tell you enough about how beautiful this cook book is. It is so well put together, so simple and yet so elegant that it is my pleasure to add this to my collection. It will be put to great use in my kitchen.

Get your own copy here: Twenty Dinners

*I received this book free for review purposes from Blogging for Books. All opinions are 100% my own.


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