The Craft Stash Challenge!

In collaboration with The Homemaker-Mom, I have completed the Craft Stash Challenge. In this challenge we were to make crafts from things we already have in our homes. No buying anything! It got me to thinking about what I have wanted to do and just had been to busy/lazy to finish. 

My project is getting a painting I made in the early 2000's while in high school framed. 

I usually have it on a shelf because I really like it and can't believe I actually painted it! But I found it stored in my hope chest just sitting there. My walls are pretty bare already and I have been looking for inexpensive ways to fill them so this was perfect. Here is what I had to work with:

An old, crappy picture frame

My painting, some wide, ribbed ribbon, scissors and my Amazing Goop Glue

And sticks

Using these items here is what I did:

I started by breaking the sticks to the width of the frame. Then I tied a bow around the center of the first set.

I broke the sticks for the top and bottom first, then the sides.

Using my Amazing Goop and a spare stick, I glued the sticks to the right side first, one stick at a time and gluing them together where necessary to get them to stay.

I glued the left side next in the same way.

Then I glued the bottom, then the top and got this! I really like how it turned out!

I added the glass, then the painting then attached the back and voila! This is the finished product. It looks SO much better than just a painting on a shelf. And it fills some empty wall space! The frame was so simple and cheap to make and is unique in the fact that I made it! I have a lots of browns and greens in my living room and this matches perfectly with the look.

It is really amazing what you can do with a little imagination and things lying around your home. What could you make without buying anything? 

You have GOT to see what Suzie over at The Homemaker-Mom made! She has simply stunning ideas for anyone! Check out here amazing post here: Crafting What I have On Hand Challenge


  1. O no I left a comment and its not showing up so I will try again! Rachel your painting is amazing! I love it. Also the wooden sticks around it just made it even more amazing & goes with it so very well. That was genius! Seriously my husband made an outdoorsy type of picture years ago... I love this idea so much I am going to the park this week to hunt for sticks to try this myself & use it as one of his Fathers day gifts! He WILL LOVE IT! Thank you for inspiring me! Also thanks for sharing your post with us!


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