Fun Ideas to do With Your Preschooler

As a mom, I am always trying to find new ways to help my son explore this wonderful world we live in. Here are some idea's we have done as a family to do just that!!! Let me know if you have any other great ideas to do with a preschooler!

Visit a fire station

This is something FREE and FUN for little ones! A new fire station was built nearby and one day we decided to see if they would let us check out how everything worked. They were more than obliging and Benjamin had a blast! He got to see all the trucks and they even turned the lights on them for him. We also got a tour of the station and got to meet all the fire fighters working that day.

Have a picnic in the living room on a rainy day

Benjamin found our cooler in the closet this past winter so I decided hey, why not have a picnic! I let him help pack the cooler and haul it into the living room. As you can see the variety is quite interesting but it was really fun! It was a great change of pace from the usual every day.

Pizza and movie night

We love homemade pizza, and since it's just Benjamin and I the majority of the time, I like to do Friday night pizza parties. He helps make his pizza (this one is a power ranger sword pizza) and we pick a good movie and have some soda with our pizza. It's now become a fun tradition for the both of us, and he gets hands on in the kitchen!

Bug catcher

Catching bugs isn't just for boys! I used to catch bugs all the time, but I had a fancy "cage" for them. Well instead of that I use a small container we have to put our fish in when I clean their tank. It works great! Just make sure your container has a cover with air holes in it. Toss a little dirt in the bottom, some leaves and sticks, maybe even some rocks. Then the hunt for the perfect part-time pet begins. We caught a few grasshoppers and they were fun to watch. At the end of the day, let the creature(s) go so no worries of dead insects in the container. It is great hands-on bug fun and you can even make it educational by looking up information on the insects you found!

Go for a walk in the woods and EXPLORE

We have found some cool things just by going outside and playing! This particular picture I took last summer while we were playing across the road. We were exploring to see if we could find something new and exciting. This is an exoskeleton of what looks like a bee. I had no idea they molted! It was so neat and we both learned something new! You never know what you could find by just doing a little exploring. 

Bake cookies AND clean up together


It is really fun to bake with a preschooler! I let Benjamin help mix and measure and just get messy (hence the shirt off in the end). To make it even better for the both of us, I have him help me clean up! He actually likes doing dishes because of the bubbles and a little work never hurt anyone. He actually has his own chores in the house, and when you make a mess, you help clean it up! He is always proud to help! 

As we know the list could go on, but these are just ideas that are free and fun for the whole family. Thanks for reading!


  1. What a great post! I miss those days like that with my kids now all grown up! But we still have fun outings & bake cookies together!


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