I've Been Robbed!!!

So it's true. I was robbed Wednesday. My purse was stolen out of the trunk of our car at a local zoo. I usually put it in there just to be safe and apparently it is no longer a safe place. With the car locked and trunk shut, they still got in and were able to take my purse with my wallet, check book and car and apartment keys among other things. Thank goodness I had my phone on me because I would have been even more upset.

Within the 2 hours we were in the zoo, they spent almost $100 between two gas stations within a half mile of each other. The creepiest thing is, I know they had to have been watching us. Totally creepy. Other bad thing, they got my set of keys and my ID that has my address on it. So they know where I live and have (had) keys to get to my home. 

After we came back to the car and realized that the purse was gone, Lawrence called the bank and I called my credit card. The bank was very kind and after I had talked to the police we went to the bank to totally change over our accounts to a new one, get new checks and new debit cards. We will get our money back in about 10 days but it just wasted the rest of our day together as a family.

The police were kind, but the chances of me getting my purse back are slim to none. In a big city things like this happen a lot, so a stolen purse is really no priority for any officer. I realized that my AAA card was in there, mine and Benjamin's insurance cards, my drivers license among loyalty cards and over $30 in coupons for Victoria Secret were in there and won't be seen again. The amount of time I had to take and still have to do to get replacement cards and pay out of pocket for a new drivers license is just annoying. I feel violated. 

The fact they have my address and the keys to my house is even scarier. Our apartment complex was kind enough and had door locks changed and gave us new keys, but still. They know where I live. If they are more than just thieves well they have a nice set up for themselves. 

The other thing is, my purse had lots of personal belongings like makeup and lipstick, a DSW mirror that I loved, some listerine pocket packs and feminine hygiene products. And they are probably all tossed in a garbage somewhere. I hope at least someone who needs them finds it. 

I guess I am writing this post to let everyone be aware that it is possible it could be you. I am already a very paranoid person and now I feel violated and ultra creeped out that people had been watching myself and my family. My safety feels at stake, though more than likely they dumped the purse and that is the end of that. But I don't know that for certain and it is scary. 

Next time I won't leave my purse in the car at all, it will be coming with or I will leave it at home. When we go outside to play, those eyes will feel like they are still on me. This one will take awhile to come over. 

I hope none of my readers have experienced anything like this or worse. Privacy and peace of mind should never be invaded, but sadly it happens to often. Be safe friends.


  1. I am so sorry. What a terrible experience. How did they get into your locked trunk? I always thought that to be a safe place too. No more I guess. Well, I hope you are okay. Be sure to change your house locks and be cautious please.

    1. I don't know how they got in the trunk, but after it happened some friends told us it had been happening in that area a lot lately. We definitely changed out locks!!! Our apartment complex was so nice about it. Thank you!

  2. Rachel! O no! This is just aweful! Thank you for sharing this too because when I go to the park I leave mine in the car but I always try to hide it. I will not do this anymore after hearing this.
    I am so sorry this happen to you & this breaks my heart. I know one thing God saw this and he will get justice his perfect justice for you! If you need me for anything let me know!

    1. Thanks Suzie. I always thought it was safe too, but now I'll just leave my purse home. Living in a big city, they said there wasn't enough to go on for a case which I figured. But I have to replace my apartment keys which is over $200.....ugh! But I feel safe again and know that it def could have been worse!


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