Digital Cooking Thermometer Review


I have been wanting a meat thermometer FOREVER it feels like. I love that this one is digital and extremely easy to use. It also has a hold button to save the previously read temperature. It can be safely stored with the slipcover that is very sturdy, which I REALLY like. The thermometer tip is sharp so I definitely like this feature. It also has a clip to easily hook onto an apron, which would be perfect for grilling outside!

You can also change the reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit with the click of a button. It is easily placed in food to take the temperature and gets a reading quickly! It has an auto shut-off so no worries about killing the battery very fast. If you do have to change the battery, the top comes off of the thermometer for easy replacement. It reads temperature from -58° to 572°, which is crazy in my opinion but very versatile I must say!!! 

My favorite part of having this is I don't have to cut into meat to see if it is done all the way or to my liking. I think I have demolished more chicken that way; it is actually quite sad. This thermometer doesn't even "hurt" the exterior of the meat or bigger yet, let ALL the juices out! That is the worst! 

Backed with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE this is an awesome buy! Get your own here: IRT's Cooking Thermometer

*I received this product at little to no cost for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


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