Etekcity Multi-function Digital Scale and Measuring Cup

First off, I didn't even know they made such hi-tech scales for the kitchen. I've seen flat digital scales for foods but never one that has a measuring cup attached. The cup is detachable for easy pouring and so the scale itself doesn't get messy or ruined. And if the scale get's dirty, just wipe clean with a damp towel and dry it right away.

I found this scale perfect for all cooking and measurments. I especially like using it to make cakes because having exact amounts can be crucial to how the cake turns out. Same with my homemade bread! There is a little more give on the bread, but I still like to be accurate. Another favorite is to mix a sauce right in the cup for easy, one dish cooking.

There is 4 preset modes: flour, oil, milk and water. It also measures in volume and in weight which I really like. The mode button changes what you are measuring, i.e. the flour, oil etc., and the unit button chooses the type of measurement.

Another great function of this measuring cup scale is the Tare function. This makes it possible to weigh ingredients consecutively without dumping anything out! With a 6 cup capacity this makes it easy to just pour everything into the measuring cup before dumping it in the bowl or pan you are using. The Tare button is the same as the power button. A small "T" will show up in the bottom left corner when it is functioning. Then measure away! 

The cup has an Auto Shut-Off to help save the battery after 30 seconds of non-use or you can push the power button for 3 seconds for manual shut off.

Overall this scale is very innovative and a great companion in the kitchen while cooking! I cook at least once a day, so this has made my life easier and I am much more efficient with it! I love this scale!

Get your own digital scale and measuring cup here: Multi-function Scale

*I received this product free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


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