Everlast Lean Weight Management System for Women

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I feel as a woman it can be difficult to stay fit and control weight the older I get. I have tried multiple things and unless I practically kill myself exercising and starving to death (so it feels) I can't accomplish that goal. 

So when I found Everlast LEAN for women, I thought - Hey, it starts with a shake in the morning, I can handle that! Protein shakes DO keep me more full throughout the day and I don't eat as much for lunch and dinner if I feel more full at breakfast. 

LEAN Appetite Control is formulated to give our bodies all the nutritional value we need in our day to day lives as well as help with appetite control. LEAN Metabolism Boost is a vitamin supplement that helps enhance our bodies natural metabolism - therefore burning more fat!

Check out the ingredients for yourself:

This is for Step 1: The Naturally Flavored Breakfast Shake Mix

Step 2: Vitamin Supplement with Caffeine and Green Tea

How it works is you drink the shake as a breakfast shake. You combine the packet with 8oz of water, combine well and drink. It really helps with appetite control for morning and throughout the day. The vitamin supplement is taken twice a day, one pill at a time and with at least 4 hours between each pill. Each kit contains a 4 week supply of shakes and vitamins, so a whole month's worth of weight control!

Use code GETFIT16 here: Everlast Nutrition to get a 5% insider's discount on your LEAN System or any other Everlast product you want! Get your weight under control today with the help of Everlast!

*I received a sample of the Breakfast Shakes free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


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