SmartCandy - The Smarter Way To Snack

Tired of all the artificial flavors and colors and high fructose corn syrup infiltrating your families snacks? With a 4 year old in the house who just LOVES fruit snacks, I know the feeling. I dislike buying them and have been looking for a better option to give my son other than those jam packed with things VERY unhealthy for him. Plus, I like good snacks too, who doesn't?

If you haven't heard of it, I would like to introduce you to SmartCandy. It is an innovative candy that was created by Eric and Andrea Stoll. Meet them here:

Photo courtesy of SmartCandy

Like most parents, they want what is best for their kids! So since we know where this idea started, let's look at what the idea has brought to the table, and more literally my kitchen cupboard.

There are currently 4 flavors, two for each type. Here is Strawberry Froot and Orange Froot which are a yogurt flavored candy-coated snack. 


Each package comes with a good amount of candy to snack on for awhile! The orange tastes like a Dreamsicle in my opinion! Super tasty! Every package only has 50 calories - even better right? There is 40% Daily value of Vitamins A, B, and C and better yet? (Who thought it could get better!) They are made with natural colors and flavors and NO high fructose corn syrup! Tasty!

Here are my favorite: Sour Gummy and Sweet Gummy!


The sour taste like Sour Patch Kids ~ SO GOOD! They are my son's favorite and the box is almost gone already. Good thing I go shopping tomorrow! The sour include the flavors of Orange, Cherry and Lemon. The Sweet Gummy has the flavors of Mixed Berry, Grape and Strawberry! Just like the Strawberry and Orange Froot, there is NO high fructose corn syrup and with these you get 20% Daily Value of Vitamins A, B and C and made with natural colors and flavors! With only 45 calories per package, can you now see why this is called SmartCandy?

Made in the USA, this delicious snack can be purchased at Walmart and Target. To find a store near you go here:

Better yet, want a coupon to go with that purchase? How about $2 off your next purchase? This coupon doesn't expire until 12/31/2015 so print a few! Just right click and save to your computer to print! 

Coupon courtesy of SmartCandy

To learn more about this delicious snack and #TasteTheVision, visit there website here:

*I received this product free to test and share with my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.


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